October 11 2018


Listen in as Paster Baerwolf speaks on Genesis 2

October 2 2018

“Watch Your Mouth!”

Tune is as Pastor Yonker speaks on James 5:13-16

December 26 2015

A Letter to My Children

Listen in this Christmas Day as Rev.Yonker reads a letter to his children as a tradition he has done over 20 years , Merry Christmas to you all.

please note a slight audio pause for about 25 seconds in the beginning.

December 21 2015

“Delighting-In What God Has Up His Sleeve”

Listen in while Rev Yonker spells out what God has up his sleeve from Micah 5:2

November 30 2015

“Here We Go Again!”

Join us this Thanksgiving Day as Rev.Meissner speaks to us today on 1 Corinthians 15:57


Join us this week with Rev.Yonker who speaks to us today on 1 Timothy 2: 5-6

November 1 2015

“Holding a Check that WILL be Cashed”

Listen as Rev.Yonker speaks to us on Matthew 5:3

September 7 2014

“My Hiding Place”

Rev Phillip Baerwolf speaks to us today from Psalm 32

December 25 2013

“Christmas Laughter that Lasts for Ever-After”

Join us this Christmas morning as Rev.Yonker continues the tradition of reading letters to his children.

The text is from Luke 2:10-11

Quick time may be need to view.
Watch Now:

October 27 2013

“Hold It!”

Rev William Yonker speaks to us today on Romans 3:28

What coat are you wearing??

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