December 25 2013

“Christmas Laughter that Lasts for Ever-After”

Join us this Christmas morning as Rev.Yonker continues the tradition of reading letters to his children.

The text is from Luke 2:10-11

Quick time may be need to view.
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December 24 2013

“A Visit from Isaiah”

Rev.Phillip Baerwolf takes the roll of Isaiah today from Isaiah 7:14

December 18 2013

” An Awe-ful,Awe-some Four-Letter Word!”

Rev William Yonker speaks to us on James 5:7-8

December 11 2013

“You Gotta Hear This!”

Rev William Yonker speaks to us on Matthew 3:1-12

December 5 2013

“The Best Days of Your Life”

Rev.William Yonker speaks to us this day on Romans 13:11