December 27 2011

A Letter to My Children

Rev.Yonker reads Revelation 1:1-3 .
Today also Rev.Yonker reads a letter to his children ,Merry Christmas to all

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December 18 2011

What Say You Paul I AM

Rev.Baerwolf Speaks to us on Romans 16-25.
Also A Visit from St.Paul,The Apostle

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December 15 2011

Its all about Giving

Rev.Baerwolf speaks to us this Advent on 2 Corinthians 8:9

December 11 2011


Rev.William Yonker speaks to us today on John 1:6-8

December 8 2011

Its all about coming home

The Advent Adventure continues tonight with Rev.Baerwolf on John1:14

December 6 2011

Dismissing the Distractions

Tdays word comes from Isaiah 40: 1-10

December 2 2011

The Advent Adventure Its all about Jesus

Our 1st Advent service speaks to us on John 20:30-31