April 25 2011

“Not Just Special, But Spectacular…” Three Easter Words to Live By

Rev.William Yonker speaks to us today on Matthew 28:2-8 Happy Easter !

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April 17 2011

“You Have to Turn the Page”

Our Guest Preacher in Residence Rev.Gregg Bowen speaks to us today from John 12:13 and 1Corinthians 1:23  "You Have to Turn the Page"

April 13 2011

“Old Words: Lead Us Not…Deliver Us”

As Rev.Phillip Baerwolf wraps of the sermon series Old Words ....tonight also enjoy the Lords Prayer Sung by Barb Christie and played by Kris Bartelt

April 12 2011


Rev.Baerwolf shares the gospel of john 11:1-45 with us on Paraprosdokian ....

April 6 2011

“Old Words: Forgive Us Our Trespasses….”

Rev.Baerwolf in his series speaks to us today on" Forgive Us Our Trespasses...."

April 3 2011

“One of the Gifts”

Rev.Bruce Meissner talks to us today on Galatians 5:22

April 1 2011

“Old Words: Give Us This Day…”

Rev.Phillip Baerwolf talks to us today on "Old Words : Give Us This Day...."